An overview of all our boat types


BoatMould numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)


An overview of all our boat types

BoatMould numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)


An overview of all our boat types

BoatMould numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)


Our perks

W – aluminium wing rigger

P – back aluminium wing rig

CP – back carbon wing rigger

The hull of our Single Sculls (skiffs) is manufactured high quality carbon fiber and honeycomb. 


The rowing deck is produced using prepreg carbon fiber, vacuum and then and then heated in autoclave. 


The internal elements of the boat, as the plate, the bulkhead are all made of carbon. 


The available configurations are: Wing, Carbon and Pegaso. 


Standard colour is our signature Salani light blue. On request we can produce the boats in any other colour RAL. (extra price for other colours) Weight and norms FISA GUARANTEED. 


Guaranteed for 3 years.

Pegasus CARBON 

More stiffness! More comfort! More beautiful! 

The new SALANI Carbon rigger represents best Italian design. 


Design doesn’t mean only creating a beautiful boat, but it represents mainly the essence of combining technical functionality, ergonomic design, structural as well as constructional requirements. The talent of a designer is to manage in a balanced way all these requirements creating something unique in its genre and we proudly can say, that all these facts have been matched by our new SALANI Carbon rigger. 


The new design of the SALANI Carbon rigger is distinguished for its particular shape and variable geometry designed in order to minimise the deformations of the rigger during the stroke. This new design guarantees more stiffness than any other rigger having similar shape and weight. 


More stiffness means more performance in Watt and means consequently more reactivity and speed for the boat.The carbon fibers, used for the production of the frame, are state of the art being experiences in aerospace industrial applications.The whole frame is produced in pre-preg carbon by means of vacuum curing in autoclave processes. 


The pin on the end of each rigger arm is mounted to the frame thanks to a particular system of hilt that permits to regulate all the necessary regulations required by the rower. Thus, the height of the gates, distance between the pins and the side inclination of the pins can be quickly and easily changed, if need will be. 


All design and production of the new SALANI Carbon rigger is granted to be 100% Made in Italy !


After several requests the boatyard Salani is proud to present: Pegaso.

This series makes bigger our market range: these boats are characterized by aluminium wing riggers, placed in the head.


The technical features of the hull are the same of the Wing Series, from the exception of a better relation between lightness and stiffness. The boat structure is composed by the hull without the internal shoulders.


Hulls and covers are produced using carbon fibres, Kevlar textiles and epoxy resins.


We use epoxy resins, that are often used in aeronautical and automotive fields.The hull and its components are subjected to catalyst processes (hot and airtight processes) that provide an excellent result in lightness and stiffness.


The internal components (ultralight carbon trucks with ball bearing chassis, rowing deck, bulkhead etc) are produced with prepregnated carbon, then cooked in autoclave and cured at 130° C, that assures the best quality available on the market.


The multilayer and carbon foot stretcher is adjustable (in height and list) and has shoes.


The Wing series sculls have an anodized aluminum wing rigger placed at the stern of the sculler.


Wing rigger allow for a much more spacious cockpit since they do not need rib to reinforce the gunnels.  They also allow for more clearance from the water avoiding that wake will hit the rigger when in rough water.   Focusing all the stress in one point (the wing rigger) inspire confidence and a feeling of connection with the water.


The structure of these boats is make with high quality Carbon Fiber and Epoxy resin bonded together in a “sandwich” structure by vacuum and a cured at just the right temperature in our autoclave.    


We match our hulls with the highest quality components to guarantee the highest responsiveness and durability through time.