An overview of all our boat types

BoatMould numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)
GIG 2+W 22370- 1009,279
GIG 2X+W 22370- 1009,279
GIG 2+ 2X+W 22370- 1009,279
GIG 3XW 22370- 1009,279
GIG 3X 2XW 22370- 1009,279
GIG 3X 2X 2+W 22370- 1009,279


BoatMould numberAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)
GIG 4X+W41670-10011,9579
GIG 4X+\4+W41670-10011,9579
GIG 5XW41670-10011,9579
GIG 4X\5XW41670-10011,9579
GIG 4+\4X+\5XW41670-10011,9579


BoatMould numbeAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)
Mini skiffW1x40-757,227


BoatMould numbeAthletes (Kg)Length (m)Width (cm)
Euro skiffEuro6,80,555-100+

Junior 1x

The hull, the rowing decks, the covers are made with glass textiles and vinylester resins.

The double action seat is made of wood or on request of carbon.

Wooden multilayer stretcher with shoes with carbon reinforcements. Open shoes.

There is the possibility to set lateral floats, useful for beginners and moreover, safer for everybody.

The available configurations are: – with a rigger in traditional aluminium

– with a wing rigger in anodized aluminium

Standard colour: white

Guaranteed for 3 years.


It is the name of the range of boats built for the ones who intend the rowing just as a hobby.
These boats guarantee the same duration and reliability of the other series (Wing, Carbon, Elite and Pegaso) because of their materials and techniques: we talk about of carbon tex, kevlar and honeycomb using epoxy resin cured by vacuum.
The series Gig belongs to FISA program “Rowing for all” and it represents the idea boat to learn rowing tecnique for high livell races.
Their bigger largeness allows us to use these boats also with big waves. The Salani Gigs is really similar to ours rowing a competition boat: it is speedy but at the same time very stable. These kind of boat is very safety, by the more largeness and the possibility to have the coach set down in the boat while the crew is rowing.
The weight of the boat could change depending on the version of boat. The version avaible are: Wing with anodized aluminium rigger and the Pegaso one even with anodized aluminium rigger set up at bow.

The version avaible are: Wing with anodized aluminium rigger and the news “Pegaso” one even with anodized aluminium rigger set up at bow.
Length: 9,20 mt
Width:79 cm
Hull capacity:70-105 kg

Standard colour: Sky-blue (extra charge for other colours RAL)

3 years warrant

Euro Skiff

Salani launched this mono boat to have an easier and recreational approach to rowing.

Technical sheet

It is built in the same way and with the same materials of the competition boats, from the exception of:

-it’s larger to be more stable and secure

-the length has been reduced to make easier the transport

-easier way to keep the same speed, thanks to the different kind of keel-larger stern architecture