S39 ARROW - Small diameter shaft
S39 ARROW - Small diameter shaft S39 ARROW - Small diameter shaft

S39 ARROW - Small diameter shaft

7.250 DKK
  • Standard Length: 287cm (284-290cm)
  • Blade:  Arrow Blade
  • Handle: Adjustable + (Pink 31mm - Yellow 34mm -  Blue 35mm)
  • Pitch: 0 degrees
  • Flex - Weight:  Soft - 1275gms / Standard - 1300gm
  • Other Length on request : all4rowing@gmail.com 
  • Custom Built on request: all4rowing@gmail.com 
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S39 shafts are made using high modulus carbon, recently used in the America’s Cup boats. They use multiple layers of thin carbon plies at various angles to achieve a balance of strength, stiffness, torsional stiffness and are very light weight.

The S39 has less aerodynamic drag than normal shafts and because they weigh less has less rotational inertia. 

The shaft of an oar receives a lot of attention at Croker Oars. We invest many hours into designing, developing, and trialling our products and believe our range of sculling oars give every rower an opportunity to match their skill level with the desired feel on the water.

Before leaving the factory every shaft is deflected, weighed and matched to its identical to give the best quality pair of oars possible. We are only too happy to discuss your abilities and offer shaft, blade and handle suggestions to best suit you or your crew.

Deflection (Flex)
Which flex is for you?
Soft Deflection

Soft shafts are ideal for juniors, women at all levels, and masters men. Soft flex shafts are also a popular choice for elite openweight women racing the single scull or small team boats.

The soft shafts are well matched to scullers with 2000m erg scores slower than 7:00, water times in the 1x around 7:45 or slower for 2000m, or for those who desire a slightly more forgiving feel at the catch. Soft shafts are also recommended for rowers with a history of recurrent injuries. Soft shafts may also be a reasonable selection for rowers lighter than 65kg.

Standard Deflection

Regular shafts are ideal for senior and elite men in all boat classes, as well as world-class elite women in team boats. The recommended 2000m erg score is 6:45 or faster.

The appropriate 2000m water time in ideal conditions is 7:30 and faster. Rowers or crews not meeting this threshold may encounter rigging and comfort challenges and may be more effectively served with softer shafts. Regular shafts are also recommended for rowers heavier than 90kg with no history of injuries.

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