Dry Bag 5L
Dry Bag 5L Dry Bag 5L Dry Bag 5L

Dry Bag 5L

180 DKK
  • 5 litre storage capacity, adjustable size
  • Ultralight membrane
  • 100% waterproof when securely closed (rolled down and buckle fastened)
  • Control window for smartphones
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Reflective logo


Our small Protect Dry Bag 5l helps you keep your valuable items safe and dry.


The Protect Dry Bag 5l takes care of your most valuable items: boathouse keys, mobile phone, mascara, energy bar. It is 100% waterproof and has a seamless finish. The Protect Dry Bag 5l is manufactured from 100% polyester and has a small window that serves as a touch window for smartphones: place the phone inside the transparent compartment, with the screen facing outwards. The phone will remain on the window and ready to use at any time.


The Protect Dry Bag 5l comes in a bright red to make it highly visible and quick to spot even after an unintentional capsize.


Instead of a clutch handbag that keeps slipping out of your hand: the Dry Bag is very practical and easy to carry on the wrist. All seams including the base are taped/glued and welded. The Dry Bag is designed for speed: simply close it with an easy-to-use roll top closure and use the fastening eyelet to attach the bag to the boat.


The Dry Bag 5l is a must-have when it comes to regattas, training camps or river tours – it can take it all and is indestructible. Small but mighty, with enough space for the most important things, such as our Protect Hand Cream.

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